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   7.2 - Enigma
   7.1 - Seawolf
   7.0 - Guinness
   6.2 - Zoot
   6.1 - Cartman
   5.2 - Apollo
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Supporting Red Hat Linux at LSU

The goal of this site is to make it easier for user to install and maintain Red Hat Linux systems. This site includes information about the services available here, the specific details to use those services and access to the generic manuals provided by Red Hat.

Note: Red Hat Linux 1-9 is no longer officially supported by Red Hat, these are kept here for archiving purposes. To download and install the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the LSU campus licence, please visit for more information.

LSU has negotiated a campus license with RedHat.

Please visit for more information about licensing, use limitations, access procedure, installation instructions, and update instructions.

Note: Menu items in red are not current.

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